From the onset it has been the architect’s objective to create a single storey dwelling that facilitates a contemporary and modern lifestyle, integrated with fundamental environmental design principles. The conceptual approach was driven by a site without any views, with overlooking neighbours and a stringent height restriction. The design explored the notion of the house as a ‘stoep’. All spaces are opening entirely onto a series of understated yet sophisticated, interconnecting courtyards as well as a green walled backdrop. The seamless integration of inside to outside is made possible by large floor to ceiling glass sliding panels under a meticulously engineered concrete roof which minimized the need for vertical support in critical areas.
The entire roof is planted which reduces ‘heat island effect’, facilitates water harvesting, promotes biodiversity and thermally insulates interior spaces below. This planted roof landscape also improves distant views and eliminates potential glare to surrounding neighbours. Shutters and louvers provide sun control in summer, whilst thermal insulation, double glazing and the harvesting of solar energy minimizes energy consumption in winter. 
Materials have been selected and applied to display their natural properties and will gradually weather to their natural patina to juxtapose the stark white walls. The carefully considered landscape design employs species that will grow to dense green walls to provide vertical screens to complete the edges of the courtyards.