The practice is renowned for producing buildings that are contextually and environmentally responsive, not style bound, and honest in the use of materials with strategies of sustainability integrated into the design approach to improve efficiency and quality of buildings for the occupants. The surrounding built environment is considered in its totality to ensure a tailor-made solution that is unique to the site with careful consideration given to all aspects of the design, from the concept stage to the finest detail, from future proofing of use to the weathering of the materials.

Emphasis is placed on continual development through research to ensure familiarity will all current developments and trends in design, with new materials and methods of construction technology continually being explored to remain informed of international developments but also lead the way with new technologies. That said, the practice has acquired a reputation as a highly cost-conscious and innovative firm delivering exceptional buildings on small budgets.

The practice, together with many other specialist design teams that may be required, work closely throughout the duration of the project to develop a fully integrated, responsible design solution. Associated services such as conceptual landscaping design and interior design services can also be integrated to ensure a high-quality product that is in keeping with the overall vision of both architect and client.

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Schabort Associates Architects was established by Wynand Schabort in 2006 and has since been involved in a wide spectrum of developments ranging from single residential, group housing, retirement villages, restoration, industrial, commercial, laboratory, mixed use and renovation projects. [ read more ]
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